Bomb Cyclone in central US

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Heavy flooding continued in Nebraska on Friday(15 March) as it and other states in the Midwest geared up for days and even weeks of water-logged misery.

"As snow and rain pass, many communities have experienced devastating flooding. This could last for quite some time," Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts said.
At least 37 people were rescued from flood waters Thursday and rescues continued Friday, said Nebraska National Guard Adjutant General Daryl L. Bohac during an afternoon briefing. No fatalities have yet been reported.
Nebraska and other parts of the Midwest are coping with heavy flooding this weekend in the wake of a powerful "bomb cyclone" as well as from the natural snow melt during spring thaw, forecasters said.
Communities in that state as well as others in Iowa and South Dakota remain under a flood warning for rain and snow melt.
"Nebraskans should watch the weather and waterways in their communities closely in the coming days, and be prepared for historic levels of flooding even if it has not hit their community yet," Ricketts said. " As Nebraskans know, conditions can change quickly, and everyone needs to be prepared."

Source: CNN. March 16, 2019. By Joe Sterling and Amir Vera. Nebraska battles ongoing floods: 'Everyone needs to be prepared,' governor says