Earthquake Struck off Indonesia

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Earthquake Struck off Indonesia
TheAceh earthquakewas a magnitude 6.1Mwearthquake struck the province ofAcehon the Indonesian island ofSumatraon July 2, 2013,The quake killed at least 35 people and injured 276 others.Approximately 4,300 homes were damaged or destroyed.As of July 5, the official death toll stood at 35, with eight people still missing.A further 276 people were injured.TheBener MeriahandCentral Acehdistricts were hardest hit by the quake.In Bener Meriah, nine deaths were reported.More than 100 people were hospitalized due to their injuries and 537 houses were badly damaged in the district.A further 252 houses suffered minor damage.In Central Aceh, 26 deaths were reported.Amosquecollapse killed six children and trapped 14 others.Numerous landslides occurred in the district and 1,368 houses were destroyed.A further 2,135 houses suffered minor damaged.