Fatal Earthquake Slammed Sichuan Province of China

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People's Republic of China

A devastating earthquake hit China’s southwestern province of Sichuan in the
morning of April 20, causing over 200 casualties and people missing. The quake
struck 115 kilometers from the provincial capital of Chengdu at a depth of 12
kilometers. The 6.6‐magnitude tremor, verified by USGS, was followed by 1300
aftershocks within one day after the major occurrence. More than 11,200 people
were injured, and residents in the affected area were urged away from home.
Emergency workers and soldiers allocated by the authorities have reached the
remote townships in the mountainous region while more supplies strived their way
through the mountain chunk‐impeded roads. Emergency response and rescue carry
on as residents take shelter and supplies from the government.
Sichuan Province underwent critical devastation in 2008, when an 8.0‐magnitude
earthquake struck the region and took more than 87,000 lives.