Fatal Storm Saola Left Damages in Chinese Taipei

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Chinese Taipei

Tropical storm Saola, the ninth in the 2012 Pacific Typhoon Season, battered Chinese
Taipei towards the end of July and caused 5 deaths during its two‐time landfall. Such
rare movement caused the storm to abate but also cast critical impacts throughout
the island. According to the Council of Agriculture, the storm with considerable
downpour destroyed massive farmlands across the island and caused at least 0.9
billion of economic losses. “The price of produce is expected to remain high for the
following two months,” said the council’s chairman. Saola also triggered debris flow
that crushed several highways along the north‐eastern coast and some mountainous
regions of Chinese Taipei.
While the economy recovers from the damages, another tropical storm has triggered
a sea warning. The Central Weather Bureau has warned of torrential rain in northern
Chinese Taipei.