Flooding Hit Hard in Russia

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Flooding Hit Hard in Russia’s Far East
From the end of July to mid-August 2013, unusually heavy rainfall occurred near theAmur River, which marks the dividing line between China and Russia. Starting on August 10, 2013, areas of northeastern China began to experience flooding.At least 85 people died from the floods and more than 105 others were left missing as of August 19.More than 60,000 homes were destroyed and 840,000 people evacuated fromHeilongjiang,Jilin,andLiaoningprovinces.China'sLiaoning provincewas the hardest hit with 54 reported deaths and 97 people missing as of August 19, 2013.InJilin province, 16 deaths were reported.Heilongjiang provinceexperienced 11deaths.Across the region 360,000 people were displaced and 3.74 million affected in some way.No casualties were reported in Russia, but 20,000 people were evacuated.