Flooding hit Texas, Kansas

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The United States
Six people have died in flood-related incidents and hundreds of homes have been destroyed in flash flooding in the southern US.
Four were killed in Washington County, about 75 miles west of Houston, an area hammered with 17 inches of rain Thursday. One was killed in Travis County and another died in Kendall County.
Some areas saw up to 10 inches (25cm) of rain over a 24-hour period, with more predicted across the region.
Twelve people, including two children, were reported missing along the Blanco river in Texas, local media report.
Texas governor Greg Abbott said it was the worst flooding the state had seen, and that he had observed the devastation from the air.
"You cannot candy coat it, it's absolutely massive and I think it sends a powerful message to anyone who is in harm's way over the entire state of Texas over the coming days as we see ongoing rain, and that is the relentless tsunami-type power that this wave of water can pose for people," he said.

Texas hit hard this year
Southeast Texas has been pounded with horrific weather lately, with two 500-year flood events in two months.
"Basically, it's a 1-in-500 chance of it happening in any year," said CNN Meteorologist Taylor Ward. "Happening twice in a single year is very bad luck."
The Houston area experienced its wettest April on record last month, with almost 14 inches of rain. The storm killed at least eight people in Texas and flooded 1,000 homes. The previous record was almost 11 inches in April 1976.
Deadly storms in May 2015 killed at least 22 people in Texas.

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