Floods and Landslides hit Puno and Ayacucho in Peru

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Flood, Landslide

Landslides and flooding in the department of Puno in southern Peru have damaged homes leaving dozens of families displaced and at least 2 people dead.

Meanwhile at least 1 person is missing and over 200 families have been displaced after heavy rain triggered a landslide in Ayacucho Region in south-central Peru.

According to Peru’s emergency agency, Centro de Operaciones de Emergencia Nacional (COEN), rivers broke their banks in Azangaro Province on 09 February, 2020, damaging at least 150 homes in Asillo District. Three bridges and areas of agricultural land were also damaged.

A few days later the swollen Rio Grande de Sina river destroyed a small bridge in Sina district, San Antonio de Putina province, where 1 person was reported as missing.

On 14 February flooding struck in the province of Sandia. At least 2 people lost their lives and 1 house was completely destroyed after flash flooding in San Pedro de Putina Punco district. In Limbani district, flooding has damaged homes leaving 14 families displaced.

Heavy rain caused rivers to overflow in Sandia district, affecting 120 families, damaging homes and displacing 30 families. Sandia is about 250km north of La Paz, Bolivia, where flooding was also reported over the last few days.

Elsewhere in Peru, at least 268 families have been displaced and 1 person is missing after flash floods and landslides in Ayacucho Region.

Heavy rain caused a creek to break its banks and triggered a landslide in the town of Cocas, Vilcanchos district, Víctor Fajardo Province on 15 February.

According to COEN, 33 houses were completely destroyed, 34 severely damaged and many more affected.