Floods hit Peru

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Flooding in the Lambayeque Department of Peru has damaged homes, crops and roads in recent days. The Peruvian Air Force used helicopters to rescue some victims left isolated by the flooding

According to disaster authorities in the country, flooding occurred in Nueva Arica and Lagunas districts in Chiclayo province, Lambayeque Department, on 04 March 2023, affecting around 50 people and damaging 13 homes.

Flooding struck in the Motupe, Jayanca and Olmos districts of the province of Lambayeque, Lambayeque Department, on 07 March, displacing 17 people and affecting 134. Around 50 homes were damaged and 4 destroyed.

Flooding also affected areas of the Morrope district. Some areas were left isolated and a family had to be rescued by a helicopter team from the Peruvian Air Force.

The overflowing La Leche River caused flooding in the Pacora district on 07 March. According to initial damage assessments provided by local authorities, around 30 homes and a school were damaged, with 110 people affected. Around 80 hectares of crops have been destroyed.

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