Inundation Hit the Philippine Capital of Manila

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The Philippines

When Typhoon Saola struck the Philippines over a week ago, more than 50 casualties
were reported. Now the tropical storm had left, although not without destruction.
Torrential rain lasting over 24 hours has caused critical inundation that paralyzed
most parts of Manila, the country’s capital, as well the surrounding provinces. So far
over nine deaths have been reported; and tens of thousands have been urged to flee
their homes and take shelter in the community buildings. While roads in most part of
the city were turned into rivers, schools and offices were shut down as well. The
rescue teams are striving to get to the trapped residents. According to the country’s
National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, Typhoon Haikui,
currently located north‐east of Chinese Taipei, was expected to bring more rain to
the Philippines. But at the moment, the priority still lies in emergency response to
the flooding as the overflowing dam holding Manila’s main reservoir releases more