Powerful Typhoon Soudelor Struck Taiwan

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Chinese Taipei

Typhoon Soudelor pounded Taiwan with fierce winds and torrential rain Saturday on August 8, killing five people before moving on to China as a tropical storm.

About 185 people were injured and five others remain missing, according to Taiwan's National Fire Agency. Those killed included a mother and her 8-year-old daughter swept out to sea, the nation's Central News Agency reported, adding that the girl's twin sister is unaccounted for.

Soudelor made landfall in Taiwan early Saturday north of the city of Hualien. Many areas across the island received a heavy downpour. Authorities deployed more than 35,000 military personnel to relocate residents in vulnerable areas as the typhoon made its way across the Pacific Ocean.

Parts of Northern Taiwan have already picked up over 12 inches (300 millimeters) of rain in the 24 hours ahead of the storm's approach, according to Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau. As of Friday midnight, some 82,000 homes were without power, according to Taiwan Power Company. The Central Weather Bureau has warned 16 cities and counties they're likely to experience intense rain and powerful winds from Soudelor.

Li Wei-sen, secretary-general of the government’s National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction, said “Compared to the past, this typhoon breaks several records, the wind was very strong, and that has caused damage to light residential structures”, the worst-hit area was the mountainous tourist district of Wulai, south of the capital Taipei.“We still worry about the situation inside the mountainous area because only one road leads to the Wulai district. First part of the foundation washed out during the typhoon," Li said. "We need a couple of days to restore the highway, so in between them we need some air operations to maintain supplies and see any medical need in that district, so that is the most urgent thing right now.”

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