Quake of magnitude 7.7 strikes in southern Chile

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A major 7.6 magnitude earthquake stunned southern Chile on Sunday, prompting thousands of people to evacuate the coastal areas, but tourism and salmon farming areas did not have death or significant losses.

Witnesses reported that their home was shaking violently, and was shocked by loud noises. The earthquake undermined the Christmas celebration program, and thousands of people were on foot, fled in cars and on horseback, seeking higher ground in some local heavy rains, as warnings warned of a potential tsunami.

"This is the biggest panic in our lives," said Denisse Alvarado, a resident of Quellon, a Chilean fishing town in the south of Chile. It is located on the island of Chiloe, in the Los Lagos region of Chile, northwest of Patagonia.

Chile's National Emergency Office (ONEMI) withdrew its withdrawal order and a tsunami watch three hours after the Christmas earthquake, telling nearly 5,000 evacuees to return home.

Onemi said a bridge in the area was unreasonable, with some roads closed and crews working to restore electricity to about 21,000 homes without power.

Officials earlier issued a tsunami warning of an area within 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) of the epicenter, only 39 kilometers (24.5 miles) southwest of Quellon outside the coast. But warned to downgrade to tsunami watches. The Chilean navy said the region's eight major small ports were closed.

"It's a great news," Chilean President Michelle Bachelet said on Twitter. "Now we do not have to mourn any deaths due to the southern earthquake." Our goal is to rebuild normal communities in the affected communities. status.

The earthquake was on the other side of the Argentinean Andes, in the southwestern city of Bariloche, but structural damage to the area near the epicenter was limited, eyewitnesses said.

According to the US Geological Survey (USGS), the earthquakes are relatively shallow with a depth of about 34.6 km (21.5 mi).

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