Storm Sandy Pounded Massive Regions in the US

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The United States

Superstorm Sandy had struck with violent punches to northeast US ever since it
slammed into the shore of New Jersey Monday night, and immense impacts on both
human lives and economic losses have been reported. In Atlantic City, New Jersey,
parts of its renowned boardwalk were washed out into the ocean; while the beach area
bore such damage, the downtown streets also suffered from knee-deep water. Only
one death was reported in the city, which its mayor considered minimal human
damage. Parts of New York City stood the possibility of power outage for four days,
with lower Manhattan suffering from seawater that submerged substations and the
streets. The New York stock exchange was scheduled to resume in Wednesday
morning while John F. Kennedy International Airport was still assessing the time of
getting back into full operation although it will reopen on Wednesday.
As of Tuesday night, the fatalities ranging from North Carolina to Connecticut had
gone up at least 33; and thousands waiting in shelter to return home. Meanwhile,
recovering efforts were also carried out. As the floods were being pumped out,
number of residents living without electricity went down from 8 million to 6.9
As the coastal area is coping with the damage, warnings are released to inland states
including Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The center of the storm is predicted to
reach north of the Great Lakes by Wednesday.