Strong Typhoon Wutip Passed over South China Sea

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People's Republic of China

Strong Typhoon Wutip Passed over South China Sea
At least 70 people have been reported missing after Typhoon Wutip caused three fishing boats to sink in the South China Sea. Five boats carrying more than 150 people encountered strong winds from Typhoon Wutip on Sunday (9/29). The storm made landfall in central Vietnam on September 30th and thousands have been evacuated there. Vietnam was anticipating widespread flooding and landslides - Typhoon Wutip is said to be the most powerful to hit the country this season. The country's weather forecaster was expecting the typhoon to bring heavy rain and sustained winds of up to 93mph (150km/ph). More than 40,000 villagers from areas that were affected by the typhoon have been moved to safety.