Tornado hit Alabama

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East Alabama residents rallied around each other amid the destruction spawned by the deadliest US tornado since 2013.

One of the tornadoes that ripped through Lee County was upgraded Monday to an EF-4 after meteorologists determined it brought 170 mph winds and left a track almost a mile wide.
How you can help the tornado victims
The path of destruction from the EF-4 is at least 24 miles long, said Chris Darden, meteorologist in charge at the National Weather Service's Birmingham office.
The path was likely longer, because the twister crossed into Georgia. Officials there are still assessing the damage, Darden said. He estimated the track was .87 miles wide. Officials said four tornadoes were confirmed in east-central Alabama.

The death toll stands at 23 people, and all of them have been identified with the exception of "six (people) that could not be physically identified by sight," Lee County Coroner Bill Harris said. Officials are in the process of fingerprinting those individuals in hopes of identifying them, Harris said.

Source: CNN. March 5, 2019. EF-4 tornado brought 170 mph winds and left a track almost a mile wide amid storms that killed 23 in Alabama.