Torrential rains hit southwest Japan

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Flood, Landslide

Heavy rain has been falling in the country since late last week. As much as 743.0 mm of rain fell in 48 hours in areas near the city of Unzen in Nagasaki prefecture, where a landslide struck early on 13 August. Two houses collapsed, burying 4 residents. As of 13 August, 1 fatality was reported and 2 people were missing and 1 seriously injured.

On 15 August another deadly mudslide struck, burying eight people in a house in Okaya City, Nagano Prefecture. Three people died, 2 were injured and 3 others rescued according to Japan’s Fire and Disaster Management Agency (FDMA).

According to figures from Japan Meteorological Agency, in 48 hours to 15 August, 417.5 mm of rain fell in Otaki, Nagano Prefecture, about 50 km southwest of Okaya City.

Heavy rain also caused flooding in areas of Kumamoto and Saga Prefectures over the last 24 hours. One person was reported missing in floods from the overflowing Kuma River in Hitoyoshi City, Kumamoto Prefecture, FDMA said.

In Saga Prefecture, severe flooding has affected Takeo City where some residents took refuge on the roofs of flooded houses. FDMA reported 6 people were rescued from stranded vehicles and 8 from flooded houses, including some by helicopter. At least 1 person had to be rescued after 2 houses were completely destroyed by a landslide in Kanzaki City. Japan Ground Self-Defense Force troops were called on to rescue people from flooded areas of Ōmachi Town in Kishima District, where the Rokkaku river overflowed. A hospital building flooded and patients had to move to its upper floors. As much as 67 mm of rain fell in 1 hour in Ōmachi on 14 August.

Warnings for further heavy rainfall were issued by Japan Meteorological Agency in particular for Southern and Northern Kyushu regions until 18 August, 2021.

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