Tropical Storm Gamma hit the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

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Disaster authorities in Mexico reported on 04 October that 6 people have died after severe weather associated with Tropical Storm Gamma hit the Yucatan Peninsula.

Two flood-related fatalities were reported in Tabasco state. A further 4 fatalities were reported in the state of Chiapas, where 2 victims died after a landslide buried a house.

Heavy rainfall and releases from the Peñitas Dam caused flooding in Tabasco, affecting thousands of people in particular in areas along the Samaría River. Around 3,500 people were evacuated, mostly in the municipalities of Balancán, Centro, Cunduacán, Jalpa de Méndez and Nacajuca.

After making landfall on 03 October near Tulum in the state of Quintana Roo with sustained winds of around 110 km/h, Gamma then stalled offshore. Mexico’s disaster agency – Centro Nacional de Prevención de Desastres – said the storm combined with two cold fronts to cause extremely heavy rainfall in areas of the south east.

According to figures from Mexico’s meteorological agency – Servicio Meteorológico Nacional (SMN) – some parts of Chiapas and Tabasco saw over 200mm of rain in 24 hour periods from 01 October.

Source: Floodlist. 5 OCTOBER, 2020. Mexico – Thousands Affected by Floods After Heavy Rain From Tropical Storm Gamma.