Tropical Storm “Talas” drops heavy rain over Japan

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Landslide, Storm, Typhoon

Tropical Storm “Talas” formed on September 23, 2022, as the 15th named storm of the 2022 Pacific typhoon season. The storm brought heavy rains and strong winds across central Japan, leaving 2 people dead and tens of thousands without power.

The city of Shizuoka registered a record-breaking 417 mm (16.42 inches) of rain from September 22 to 24.

According to Shizuoka authorities, a man in his 40s was killed in a landslide and a 29-year-old man was found dead after his car plunged into a reservoir.

Another landslide hit Hamamatsu, also in Shizuoka prefecture, injuring three people.

Chubu Electric Power said power was cut for about 120 000 customers, adding that the outage is being prolonged due to landslides, among other factors.

Source: The Watchers. September 24, 2022. Tropical Storm “Talas” drops heavy rain over Japan, leaving 2 people dead.