Typhoon Nesat & Haitang slam Chinese Taipei

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Chinese Taipei
One person was missing in Chinese Taipei on 31 July after the island's second typhoon in 24 hours battered southern and central regions, taking injuries from both storms to 131, the government said.

Financial markets and businesses opened in Taipei on 31 July as the capital returned to normal. But the second-largest city of Kaohsiung, on the southern coast, remained shut with the second storm, Typhoon Haitang, bringing torrential rain.

Typhoon Haitang made landfall in the south and southeast on Sunday afternoon, the government said on its website. It is the first time the island has issued alerts for two storms simultaneously in 50 years, the Central Weather Bureau said.

Taipei endured a wind gust of 150 km/h (93 mph) on Saturday night as Nesat raced across northern Chinese Taipei.

Less than 24 hours later, Tropical Storm Haitang moved into southern Chinese Taipei.
At least 131 people were injured and one person is missing across Chinese Taipei. Most of the injuries were due to falling objects or in car accidents, according to AFP and Reuters.

Power outages peaked at more than 667,000 households. Flooding occurred in nearly 280 locations.

Agricultural losses in Chinese Taipei are estimated at $176 million NT ($5.83 million USD). Nearly 200 schools were also damaged across the country by Nesat with damages estimated at $17.8 million NT ($587,000 USD).

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