Typhoon Soulik Hit Hard over Taiwan

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Chinese Taipei

Typhoon Soulik Hit Hard over Taiwan
Typhoon Soulik was a powerful tropical cyclone that caused widespread damage in Taiwan and East China in July 2013. Soulik made landfall late on July 12 in northern Taiwan before degrading to a tropical storm. Briefly emerging over the Taiwan Strait, as a strong typhoon, Soulik brought gusts up to 220 km/h (140 mph) and torrential rains. Numerous trees and power lines fell, leaving roughly 800,000 without electricity. Severe flooding prompted thousands to evacuate as well. Four people lost their lives on the island while 123 more were injured. In Taiwan, over 8,000 people were evacuated from mountainous areas because of the threat of landslides from torrential rain. In Taiwan's cities, Kaohsiung had 3,000 residents evacuated while 2,000 were evacuated from Pingtung County.