2011 East Japan Earthquake

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2014-08-11 12:00:00
Emergency Recovery and Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake
Japan – Disasters and Volunteers
Emerging needs for Business Continuity Planning - Increase Interdependencies of Our Networked Society and Needs for Interoperability
FORMOSAT-2 in Support of Emergency Response
Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Preparing for Volunteers in Disasters and Coordination with Voluntary Organizations
World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction
First Two Months of the 2011 East Japan Earthquake
The Process of Drawing up Reconstruction Plans in Extensive Disaster-hit Areas Including Community Relocation and Challenges in the Implementation of Plans (the Great East Japan Earthquake)
From Capacity Building to Capacity Enhancement – EPWG’s Contributions to the APEC Region
Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster in Japan – Experience and Lessons
Education for Natural Disaster Preparedness in Chinese Taipei
An Update of the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction Private Sector Advisory Group
EPWG Overview
Public-Private Efforts to Promote the Formulation and Implementation of Business Continuity Plans for Private Firms
Disaster Management of Japan Customs ‐ The Great East Japan Earthquake: 3/11/2011
Is Your Company Ready for “The New Norm”
Review of the Provision for Japan Disaster Risk Reduction Responding to the Great East Japan Earthquake
SMEWG-EPWG Initiative: Improving Natural Disaster Resilience of APEC SMEs to Facilitate Trade and Investment
Workshop on Application of Satellite Technologies for Emergencies Preparedness, Management and Response in Asia-Pacific Region - Presentation
Sharing Experience in Implementing BCP
Experiences and Lessons Learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake