Total Area
1972550 sq km
108700891 (July 2007)
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Disaster events
Date Disaster events Type of disaster
2020-10-05 Tropical Storm Gamma hit the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico Flood,Storm
2020-03-21 The drought in Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico Drought
2019-11-30 Heavy Rain and Floods hit Mexico Flood
2017-09-19 Strong earthquake shakes Mexico Earthquake
2014-09-17 Hurricane Odile Hit Mexico Tornado
2014-04-18 Mexico Earthquake Earthquake
2012-11-08 Fatal Earthquake Struck Central America Earthquake
2012-09-25 Forceful Earthquake Hit Baja Peninsula Earthquake
2012-08-27 Tropical Storm Isaac Headed towards the Gulf of Mexico Storm
2012-08-07 Ernesto Reaches Hurricane Strength While Passing through Central America Storm
2012-07-29 Earthquake Struck off Mexico Border Earthquake
2012-06-15 Carlotta Weakened after Ravaging Southern Mexico Storm
2012-03-21 A Massive Earthquake Jolted Southern Mexico Earthquake
2011-07-26 A 5.9 Quake Struck off the Coast of Mexico Earthquake
2011-07-22 Hurricane Dora Weakened off the Mexican Coast Storm
2011-06-30 Tropical Storm Arlene Threatened Mexico Storm
2011-07-04 Tropical Storm Arlene Causes 17 Deaths in Mexico Storm
2018-02-16 7.2 &5.9 Earthquake struck Maxico Earthquake
2021-06-17 Floods hit Mexico Flood,Landslide
2021-08-22 Hurricane Grace Causes Deadly Floods in Veracruz Flood,Typhoon
2021-09-07 Flash floods hit the central Mexico Flood
2021-10-07 Severe Floods Hit Querétaro of Mexico Flood
2022-06-01 Hurricane Agatha hit Mexico Flood,Storm,Typhoon
2022-10-16 Tropical Storm Karl hit Mexico Flood,Storm
Disaster reports
Occurred Disaster reports Type of disaster

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Mr Jason Martinez
Deputy Director
Multilateral and Regional Negotiations, Ministry of Economy
Office of Mexico Seniof Official to APEC, Office of Undersecretary for Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economy
Ms Monserrat Díaz Ortega
Mexico’s SOM Office, Ministry of Economy
Ms. Liliana López Ortiz
Director for International Cooperation to Counter Terrorism and Human Security
General Direction for Global Affairs
Ms Circe Gabriela Romero Navarro
General Direction for Global Affairs