People's Republic of China

Total Area
9596960 sq km
1321851888 (July 2007)
Disaster Events
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Disaster events
Date Disaster events Type of disaster
2020-07-08 Landslide hit China’s Hubei Flood,Landslide
2020-06-12 Floods hit south and central China Flood
2020-05-18 The earthquake hits China’s southwestern Earthquake
2020-03-31 Huge forest fire in China Wildfire
2017-08-28 Landslide in Guizhou of China Landslide
2017-08-08 Landslide in southwest China Landslide
2017-08-08 Earthquake of magnitude 6.5 strikes in China's Sichuan Earthquake
2017-06-24 China landslide in Sichuan Landslide
2016-10-17 6.2-magnitude quake hit northwest China Earthquake
2016-09-28 Typhoon Megi strike China Storm
2016-07-10 Typhoon Nepartak strike China Storm
2016-07-04 Flooding hit central and southern China Flood
2015-08-10 Powerful Typhoon Soudelor Hit China after Striking Taiwan Storm
2014-11-22 Kangding Earthquake Earthquake
2014-08-03 A Deadly Earthquake Hit Southwest China Earthquake
2014-07-27 Typhoon Matmo Killed More Than 10 People in China Storm
2014-07-18 Typhoon Rammasun Monster Storm Buffeted South China Storm
2014-05-13 China Issued Alert for Heavy Rain in Southern Regions Storm
2013-09-30 Strong Typhoon Wutip Passed over South China Sea Storm
2013-04-20 Fatal Earthquake Slammed Sichuan Province of China Earthquake
2013-01-12 Fatal Landslide Hit Southern Province of China Landslide
2012-09-07 A Series of Earthquakes Struck South Earthquake
2012-08-08 Tropical Storm Haikui Struck China’s Eastern Coast Storm
2011-07-05 Heavy Rain Leads to Fatal Crisis of Mines in Southwest China Flood
2011-06-20 Torrential Rain Caused Major Casualties in China Flood
2011-06-20 Earthquake Hit Southwest China Earthquake
2011-06-14 Torrential Rain Caused Casualties in Southern China Flood,Landslide
2018-06-24 Downpours in southern China Flood
2018-07-12 Typhoon Maria inflicts in eastern China Typhoon
2018-07-12 Deadly floods hit the northwest and southwest China Flood
2018-07-16 Heavy downpours in Beijing Flood
2018-08-04 Heavy rains trigger flood in northwest China Flood
2018-09-16 Typhoon Mangkhut lands on south China coast Typhoon
2019-08-11 Typhoon Lekima makes landfall in eastern China Typhoon
2021-07-23 Central China was battered by deadly floods Flood
2021-07-11 Floods in China's Sichuan Flood
2021-09-16 M6.0 earthquake hits Sichuan, China Earthquake
2021-10-11 Rainstorms battered Shanxi, Chiina Flood,Landslide
2022-06-01 Sichuan Ya'an earthquake Earthquake
2022-06-03 6.1 magnitude earthquake hit Lushan Ya'an of Sichuan Earthquake
Disaster reports
Occurred Disaster reports Type of disaster
2014-08-11 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake Earthquake

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Mr Shengyi WEI
Mr Yun-Fei MA
Mr LUO Xin
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China
Mr ZHANG Weixing
Department of Disaster Relief , Ministry of Civil Affairs
Ms Yuan Yi
Division Director
Department of Assessment and Emergency Response , National Disaster Reduction Center of China (NDRCC)
Ms Guan Yan
Deputy Director
Department of International Cooperation, National Disaster Reduction Center of China
Ms Sun Yanna
Program Officer
Department of Assessment and Emergency Response, National Disaster Reduction Center of China(NDRCC)
Mr WANG Guan
Program Officer (For APEC-EPWG liasion)
Department of International Cooperation, National Disaster Reduction Center of China (NDRCC)
Mr Cheng Lie
Deputy Director of APEC Division
Department of International Economic Affairs