Total Area
1285220 sq km
28674757 (July 2007)
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Disaster events
Date Disaster events Type of disaster
2020-02-17 Floods and Landslides hit Puno and Ayacucho in Peru Flood,Landslide
2017-02-07 Flooding, landslides strike Peru Flood,Landslide
2016-08-14 A magnitude-5.4 quake struck the southern Arequipa Earthquake
2012-01-30 Strong Earthquake Caused Injury in Coastal Peru Earthquake
2019-01-27 Landslide in Peru Landslide
2019-02-07 Flooding and Landslides hit Peru Flood,Landslide
2022-03-16 Heavy Rain Triggers Massive Landslide in La Libertad Peru Flood,Landslide
Disaster reports
Occurred Disaster reports Type of disaster

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Mr Alfredo Murgueytto
Head of National Institute of Civil Defense
Ms Elena Tanake
General Secretary
National Institute of Civil Defense
Mr Alberto Bisbal Sanz
National Director Prevention
National Institute of Civil Defense
Mr Sergio Alvarez G.
National Director of Policy, Plans & Evaluation
National Institute of Civil Defense - INDECI
Mr C Cortina
Instituto Nacional de Defensa Civil - INDECI
Ms Rocio Casildo
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Luis Romero
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ms Krizia Herrera
Dirección de APEC
Ministry of Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs