The Philippines

Total Area
300000 sq km
91077287 (July 2007)
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Disaster events
Date Disaster events Type of disaster
2021-01-10 Floods hit the Central Philippines Flood
2020-11-12 Typhoon Vamco lashes the Philippines Flood,Storm,Typhoon
2020-11-01 Typhoon Goni slams the Philippines Flood,Landslide,Storm,Typhoon
2020-10-25 Tropical Cyclone Molave hits the Philippines Flood,Storm,Typhoon
2020-05-15 Typhoon Vongfong hit the Philippines Storm,Typhoon
2019-12-27 Typhoon Phanfone hits the Philippines Storm
2019-12-02 Typhoon "Kammuri"batters the Philippines Flood,Storm
2019-10-29 Strong earthquakes struck Tulunan, Cotabato, Mindanao of the Philippines Earthquake
2019-10-17 North Cotabato quake Earthquake
2015-10-19 Powerful Typhoon Koppu Struck the Philippines Storm
2014-12-08 Typhoon Hagupit Storm
2014-09-30 Tropical Storm Fung-Wong Pounded the Philippines Storm
2014-09-13 Typhoon Kalmaegi Struck the Philippines Storm
2014-07-16 Typhoon Rammasun Battered Central Philippines Storm
2014-01-18 Typhoon Agaton Hit South Philippines Storm
2014-01-13 Floods Hit South Philippines Flood
2013-11-22 Super Typhoon Haiyan Took over 6000 Lives in the Philippines Storm
2013-10-19 Destructive Earthquake Hit Philippines Earthquake
2012-12-05 Typhoon Bopha Caused Considerable Casualties in Southern Philippines Flood,Landslide,Storm
2012-12-04 Strong Typhoon Bopha Threatened the Southern Philippines Storm
2012-08-07 Inundation Hit the Philippine Capital of Manila Storm
2012-02-21 Strong Earthquake Took Lives in Central Philippines Earthquake
2012-02-08 Death Toll from a 6.7 Quake in the Philippines Stood Revised Earthquake
2011-09-27 Typhoon Nesat Killed at Least 7 in the Philippines Storm
2011-08-28 Powerful Typhoon Nanmadol Caused Deaths in the Philippines Flood,Landslide,Storm
2011-07-27 Slow-moving Tropical Storm Causes Casualties in the Philippines Storm
2011-07-10 Strong Earthquake Shook the Philippines Earthquake
2011-06-25 Typhoon Meari Caused Devastation in the Philippines Flood,Storm
2011-01-16 Floods in Philippines Flood
2018-01-23 Philippine volcano eruption Volcanic Activity
2018-07-22 Flash rains cause flooding in Philippines Flood
2018-08-11 Heavy rain floods Metro Manila Flood
2018-09-16 Typhoon Mangkhut smash the northern Philippines Typhoon
2018-09-21 Landslide in Cebu, the Philippines
2018-12-30 Tropical cyclone Usman hit the central Philippines Storm
2019-07-27 earthquakes hit Philippines Earthquake
2021-06-01 Typhoon Choi-wan hit the Philippines Flood,Landslide,Storm,Typhoon
2021-09-08 Typhoon Conson hit the Philippines Storm,Typhoon
2021-10-12 Typhoon Kompasu hit the Philippines Flood,Typhoon
2021-12-19 Typhoon Rai swept over the central Philippines Flood,Landslide,Typhoon
2022-04-14 Tropical Storm Megi (Agaton) hit the Philippines Flood,Landslide,Storm,Typhoon
2022-09-26 Typhoon Noru (Karding) struke the Philippines Flood,Typhoon
Disaster reports
Occurred Disaster reports Type of disaster
2014-02-18 2013 Typhoon Haiyan Storm

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