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301139947 (July 2007)
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Disaster events
Date Disaster events Type of disaster
2020-09-10 California wildfire Wildfire
2020-04-23 Tornadoes rip through US south Tornado
2019-12-19 Severe storms claim across the South and Midwest of the U.S. Storm,Tornado
2017-10-10 California fires Wildfire
2017-09-10 Hurricane Irma hit Florida Storm
2017-08-25 Hurricane Harvey hit Texas Storm
2017-02-18 Powerful storm hits California Storm
2016-07-30 Severe flood strikes Ellicott City Flood
2016-07-27 California sand wildfire Wildfire
2016-05-30 Flooding hit Texas, Kansas Flood
2015-10-03 Flooding hit South Carolina Flood
2015-09-13 Wildfires Burned Across California Wildfire
2015-05-27 Floods Hit Texas and Oklahoma (2) Flood
2015-05-26 Tornadoes Hit through Texas and Oklahoma (1) Tornado
2015-03-25 Tornadoes Tear through Oklahoma, Arkansas (1) Tornado
2014-12-11 A Powerful Storm Struck Northern California Storm
2014-10-29 Kilauea Volcano Affected the Village of Pahoa Volcanic Activity
2014-09-15 Boles Fire Wildfire
2014-09-08 Hurricane Norbert Tornado
2014-05-14 California Wildfire Threatened Thousands of Homes Wildfire
2014-03-22 Huge Mudslide Struck Washington Landslide
2014-01-07 Polar Vortex Hit North America Storm
2013-10-23 Wild Fire Struck Australia’s Blue Mountain Area Wildfire
2012-10-29 Storm Sandy Pounded Massive Regions in the US Storm
2012-09-09 Tornados Hit New York City Tornado
2012-07-17 Considerable Losses Expected to Rise from Severe Drought Drought
2012-06-24 Tropical Storm Debby Lashed Florida State Storm
2012-06-09 Still More Rainfall Expected along Flooded Gulf Coast Flood
2012-04-16 Mid-West US Braced for Tornado Threats Tornado
2012-04-12 Earthquakes Hit Gulf of California Earthquake
2011-09-25 EF-1 Tornado Struck Mississippi State Tornado
2011-09-05 Wildfires Burned Across Texas Wildfire
2011-08-28 Hurricane Irene Exacted a Heavy Toll on North Carolina State Storm
2011-07-26 Heat Wave Struck over Portions of Eastern and Central USA Extreme Temperature
2011-07-12 Severe Thunderstorms Impact upon Northeastern States in USA Storm
2011-06-22 Flood Swelled in Minot, North Dakota Flood
2011-06-21 Wild Fire Struck Southwestern US Wildfire
2011-06-04 Devastating Tornados Struck the States Tornado
2011-02-16 Powerful Snow Struck Asia and America Extreme Temperature
2010-05-25 Tornadoes hit through Texas and Oklahoma Tornado
2010-05-27 Floods Hit Texas and Oklahoma (1) Flood
2010-05-25 Floods Hit Texas and Oklahoma Flood
2010-03-25 Tornadoes Tear through Oklahoma, Arkansas Tornado
2018-01-09 Flash flooding and mudslides struck Southern California Flood
2018-05-05 Hawaii volcano eruption Volcanic Activity
2018-05-05 Hawaii volcano eruption (1) Volcanic Activity
2018-05-13 Earthquake rattles Southern California Earthquake
2018-05-27 Ellicott City affected by flooding Flood
2018-07-01 California wildfires Wildfire
2018-09-17 Florence storm hit North and South Carolina, USA Storm
2019-02-20 Floods and mudslides hit California Flood,Landslide
2019-03-03 Tornado hit Alabama Tornado
2019-03-15 Bomb Cyclone in central US Storm
2019-07-06 California earthquake Earthquake
2019-07-14 Storm brings flood to Louisiana Flood
2021-02-16 winter storm hit the North Carolina of the US Extreme Temperature
2021-06-21 Tropical Storm hits the Southeast of the US Flood,Storm,Tornado
2021-08-21 North Carolina Floods Flood
2021-09-03 Hurricane Ida struck the U.S. Flood,Storm,Typhoon
2021-10-08 Deadly Floods Hit Alabama Flood
2021-12-12 Tornadoes hit central and southern US Tornado
2022-09-30 Hurricane Ian demolished Florida and Carolina Flood,Storm
2022-07-14 Flash Floods in Virginia Flood
2022-08-23 torrential rains struck parts of northeastern Texas Flood
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