Total Area
329560 sq km
85262356 (July 2007)
Disaster Events
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Disaster events
Date Disaster events Type of disaster
2020-10-28 Typhoon Molave made landfall south of Da Nang in Vietnam Flood,Storm,Typhoon
2020-10-20 Catastrophic floods in Viet Nam Flood,Landslide
2020-10-12 Tropical Storm Linfa hit Viet Nam Flood,Landslide,Storm,Typhoon
2020-10-13 Tropical storm Nangka hit Viet Nam Flood,Storm,Typhoon
2020-09-27 Flood damage in North Viet Nam Flood,Landslide
2020-03-04 Severe storms rip through northern Vietnam Storm
2017-10-13 Severe Flooding Hit Vietnam Flood
2017-09-15 Typhoon Doksuri batters central Vietnam Storm
2017-08-05 Floods, landslides hit the northern Vietnam Flood,Landslide
2016-12-19 Floods hit central Vietnam Flood
2016-07-28 Typhoon Mirinae Hit Hanoi Storm
2016-04-30 Vietnam's Mekong Delta hit with worst drought Drought
2012-09-08 Torrential Rain Triggered Fatal Mudslide and Floods in Vietnam Flood,Landslide
2018-07-23 Flooding and landslides hit Vietnam Flood,Landslide
2018-08-19 Typhoon Bebinca hit Vietnam Typhoon
2019-08-05 Tropical Storm Wipha slams into Vietnam Storm
2021-06-14 Tropical Storm Koguma hit Vietnam Flood,Storm
2021-12-02 The flood hit central Vietnam Flood
2022-10-16 Floods After Storm Sonca hit Vitnam Flood
2022-09-30 Typhoon Noru hit Vietnam Flood,Storm,Typhoon
Disaster reports
Occurred Disaster reports Type of disaster
2017-02-18 2016 Central Viet Nam Floods Flood

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Mrs LUYEN Minh Hong
Head of APEC Division
Department of Multilateral Economic Cooperation,Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Viet Nam
Ms NGUYEN Kieu Anh
APEC Division,Ministry of Foreign Affairs
APEC Division, Department of Multilateral Economic Cooperation,Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr Nguyen Huu Phuc
Director General, Disaster Management Center
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Viet Nam
Ms Nguyen Minh Hang
Deputy Director-General
Department of Multilateral Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr Pham Doan Khanh
Disaster Management Center, Directorate of Water Resources, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development