10th APEC Senior Disaster Management Officials Forum Meeting in in Peru’s Iquitos city

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Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum’s member representatives currently convene in Peru’s Iquitos city (Loreto region) for the 10th APEC Senior Disaster Management Officials Forum (SDMOF10) Meeting.
Taking place on October 8-9, the SDMOF10 Meeting aims to identify and promote priority measures for the development of plans, programs or actions to reduce vulnerability and enhance emergency response capacity in the event of disasters.

The event constitutes an opportunity for inter-regional exchange of successful experiences in the following fields: public-private partnership for food security, food-supply chain resilience, continuity for food industry businesses, and management models oriented to MSMEs’ protection.

Peru’s National Civil Defense Institute (INDECI) head Alberto Lozada Frias represents the Inca nation. Lozada will lead a technical team comprised of different departments associated with disaster response, preparedness and rehabilitation.

In this respect, the Indeci chief highlighted the relevance of the event for Peru and particularly for the Amazon region, given the participation of Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, among others. Said nations share the same tropical climate characteristics and are thus experienced in emergency response to flooding and hurricane winds.

The SDMOF10 Meeting takes place as a preparatory activity towards the APEC Forum’s Leaders Summit to be held in Lima in November.