Deadly floods hit the northwest and southwest China

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People's Republic of China

China's disaster relief authorities launched a level IV emergency response plan Thursday to help flood victims in west China's Sichuan and Gansu provinces.

About 932,000 people in Sichuan Province were affected by floods caused by heavy rains by midday Thursday, with three deaths and 101,000 people evacuated. Over 600 houses fell and 36,900 hectares of farmland were flooded. The province suffered direct economic losses worth 2.4 billion yuan (360.1 million U.S. dollars).

Gansu Province saw about 1.082 million people affected, 12 deaths, four people missing and 27,000 people evacuated. Over 1,200 houses fell and total direct economic losses reached 1.47 billion yuan.

The central government has sent relief work teams to flood-hit regions to guide relief efforts.

Sichuan relief authority has sent 2,000 quilts and 1,000 cotton-padded coats and other supplies to flood-hit regions while Gansu has allocated 8.39 million yuan for disaster relief.

Source: Xinhua. 2018-07-12. China launches emergency response for flood relief.