Total Area
377835 sq km
127433494 (July 2007)
Disaster Events
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Disaster events
Date Disaster events Type of disaster
2020-09-07 Typhoon Haishen hit Japan Flood,Typhoon
2020-07-06 Huge floods hit Kumamoto of Japan Flood,Landslide
2019-10-25 Chiba and Fukushima flooding Flood,Landslide
2019-10-13 Typhoon Hagibis hit Japan Flood,Storm
2016-08-29 Typhoon Lionrock kills 17 Japan Storm
2016-11-22 Tsunami hits Sendai after M7.4 quake Earthquake
2016-10-21 6.2-magnitude earthquake hits Japan Earthquake
2016-06-24 6 dead, buildings damaged as heavy rain hits western Japan Storm
2016-04-17 Magnitude 7.3 earthquake Hit Kumamoto, Southern of Japan Earthquake
2015-09-09 Severe Flooding Hit Japan Flood
2015-06-11 Torrential Rain Triggered Landslides and Flooding in Southwestern Japan Flood,Landslide
2015-05-30 Magnitude 8.5 Earthquake Hit the East Coast of Japan (1) Earthquake
2014-12-05 Heavy Snowfall in Japan Extreme Temperature
2014-11-23 Magnitude 6.7 Earthquake Hit in Hakuba, Nagano Prefecture Earthquake
2014-08-20 Japanese Landslides Struck Hiroshima Prefecture Landslide
2014-07-08 Severe Typhoon Neoguri Hit Japan Storm
2014-02-08 Severe Snowfall Hit Japan Extreme Temperature
2013-10-16 Typhoon Wipha Hit Hard over Izu Oshima Island Storm
2012-09-16 Strong Typhoon Sanba Passed over Okinawa Storm
2012-07-16 Fatal Rainfall Battered Southern Japan Flood
2011-09-21 7 Dead in Japan as Roke Downgraded to Tropical Storm Storm
2011-09-05 Death Toll Rose as Typhoon Talas Slammed Western Japan Flood,Landslide,Storm
2011-07-12 Major Earthquake Struck off the Northeastern Coast of Japan Earthquake
2011-06-23 A 6.7 Temblor Shook Northern Japan Earthquake
2011-05-25 Typhoon Songda Caused Floods along the Coast of Northeast Japan Storm
2011-03-18 Nuclear Crisis in Japan Earthquake
2011-03-23 Another Quake Shook Northeast Japan Earthquake
2011-02-16 Powerful Snow Struck Japan Extreme Temperature
2011-03-11 An 8.9-magnitude Earthquake in Japan Earthquake
2010-05-30 Magnitude 8.5 earthquake hit the east coast of Japan Earthquake
2010-05-30 Magnitude 8.5 Earthquake Hit the East Coast of Japan (2015/05) Earthquake
2018-01-22 Volcanic Eruption in central Japan Volcanic Activity
2018-04-09 Strong earthquake rattles Shimane Prefecture in western Japan Earthquake
2018-04-11 Kyushu landslide Landslide
2018-06-18 Japan quake: Strong tremor shakes Osaka Earthquake
2018-07-05 Landslide, flood warnings as heavy rain lashes wide area of Japan Flood,Landslide
2018-09-04 Typhoon Jebi batters Japan Typhoon
2018-09-05 6.7 Magnitude Quake Strikes Hokkaido, Japan Earthquake
2018-09-30 Typhoon Trami hit Japan Typhoon
2019-02-21 Magnitude 5.8 quake in Hokkaido Earthquake
2019-07-03 Floods in southern Japan Flood
2019-10-13 Typhoon Hagibis triggered floods and landslides in Japan Flood,Landslide,Typhoon
2021-07-06 Deadly mudslide in central Japan Landslide
2021-08-15 Torrential rains hit southwest Japan Flood,Landslide
2022-09-24 Tropical Storm “Talas” drops heavy rain over Japan Landslide,Storm,Typhoon
2022-09-24 Tropical Storm “Talas” drops heavy rain over Japan (1) Flood,Storm,Typhoon
Disaster reports
Occurred Disaster reports Type of disaster
2017-02-18 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake Earthquake
2016-02-20 2015 Eastern Japan Floods Flood
2014-08-11 2011 East Japan Earthquake Earthquake
2014-02-17 1995 Kobe Earthquake Earthquake

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