Chinese Taipei

Total Area
35980 sq km
22858872 (July 2007)
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Disaster events
Date Disaster events Type of disaster
2017-07-31 Typhoon Nesat & Haitang slam Chinese Taipei Storm
2016-09-27 Typhoon Megi hit Chinese Taipei Storm
2016-09-14 Typhoon Meranti hit Chinese Taipei Storm
2016-07-08 Typhoon Nepartak slams Chinese Taipei Storm
2016-02-06 Kaohsiung Earthquake(magnitude 6.6) Hit Chinese Taipei Earthquake
2015-09-29 Super Typhoon Dujuan Struck Chinese Taipei Storm
2015-08-09 Drinking Water was Contaminated in Greater Taipei Area after Typhoon Soudelor Storm
2015-08-08 Powerful Typhoon Soudelor Struck Taiwan Storm
2015-07-10 Severe Typhoon Chan-hom Struck Northeast Chinese Taipei Storm
2015-04-20 Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake Hit Chinese Taipei (1) Earthquake
2015-03-20 Chinese Taipei Battles Worst Drought in Decade (1) Drought
2014-10-14 Fire at Pao An Industrial Tainan Wildfire
2014-10-10 Typhoon Vongfong Storm
2014-07-31 Kaohsiung Gas Explosions
2013-09-22 Typhoon Usagi Struck Southern Taiwan and China Storm
2013-07-13 Typhoon Soulik Hit Hard over Taiwan Storm
2013-03-27 Destructive Earthquake Occurred in Central Chinese Taipei Earthquake
2012-07-30 Fatal Storm Saola Left Damages in Chinese Taipei Storm
2012-07-21 Fatal Rainstorm Struck Chinese Capital of Beijing Flood
2012-06-12 Torrential Rain Caused Fatal Floods in Chinese Taipei Flood
2012-02-26 Earthquake Threatens Consequent Hazards in Southern Chinese Taipei Earthquake
2011-08-29 Troops Deployed in Chinese Taipei for Tropical Storm Nanmadol Storm
2011-02-04 Most Accumulated Snow in 7 Years in South of Chinese Taipei Extreme Temperature
2010-09-19 Typhoon Fanapi and Typhoon Megi Struck Taiwan Storm
2010-04-20 Magnitude 6.3 earthquake hit Chinese Taipei Earthquake
2010-03-20 Chinese Taipei Battles Worst Drought in Decade Drought
2018-02-06 6.4 Magnitude Quake Hits Chinese Taipei Earthquake
2018-08-25 Massive flooding in southern Chinese Taipei Flood
Disaster reports
Occurred Disaster reports Type of disaster
2018-02-24 2018 Hualien earthquake Earthquake
2016-07-10 2016 Typhoon Nepartak Typhoon
2016-02-06 2016 Kaohsiung Earthquake Earthquake
2012-05-15 2009 Typhoon Morakot Storm
1999-09-21 1999 Chi-Chi Earthquake Earthquake

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Prof. Chen, Hongey
National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction
Dr. Wei-Sen Li
Secretary General
National Science & Technology Center for Disaster Reduction
Ms Yanling Lee (Sophia)
Assistant Research Fellow
National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction