Total Area
1919440 sq km
234693997 (July 2007)
Disaster Events
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Disaster events
Date Disaster events Type of disaster
2021-01-10 Deadly Landslides in Sumedang, West Java Province of Indonesia Flood,Landslide
2021-01-17 Huge earthquake hit Indonesia's Sulawesi island Earthquake
2020-12-06 Floods hit North Sumatra and Aceh Provinces of Indonesia Flood
2020-10-21 Landslide at a coal mine in South Sumatra of Indonesia Flood,Landslide
2020-09-29 Landslides in North Kalimantan, Indonesia Flood,Landslide
2020-03-26 Deadly Landslide in South Sulawesi of Indonesia Flood,Landslide
2020-01-29 Floods and landslides hit Sumatra, Indonesia Flood,Landslide
2016-06-21 Floods, landslides hit Indonesia's Central Java Flood,Landslide
2016-03-02 A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of western Indonesia Earthquake
2014-12-15 Indonesia Landslide Landslide
2014-02-01 Death Toll Rose from Indonesia Volcano Eruption Volcanic Activity
2014-01-19 Flooding in Jakarta Displaced Thousands Amid Continuing Rain Flood
2014-01-16 Severe Flood Hit Indonesia Flood
2013-12-01 Strong Earthquake Hit Indonesia Earthquake
2013-11-25 The Eruption of Mt. Sinabung, Indonesia
2013-07-02 Earthquake Struck off Indonesia Earthquake
2013-01-22 Earthquake Caused Damage in Indonesia Earthquake
2013-01-19 Critical Inundation Caused 15 Lives in Indonesia Flood
2012-08-20 Indonesia Struck by a 6.6-magnitude Earthquake Earthquake
2012-04-11 Major Earthquakes Struck Indonesia Earthquake
2012-01-26 Cyclone Iggy Caused Deaths in Indonesia Storm
2011-07-18 Indonesia Volcanic Eruption Rouses Alert Volcanic Activity
2011-06-13 Earthquakes Struck Indonesia Earthquake
2010-10-25 Earthquake Shook Indonesia, Followed by a Tsunami Earthquake,Flood
2018-01-11 Volcano erupts in Indonesia's Bali
2018-02-19 Indonesia’s Massive Volcano Eruption Volcanic Activity
2018-07-29 Earthquake struck Lombok in Indonesia Earthquake
2018-08-09 Earthquake hit Lombok and Bali in Indonesia Earthquake
2018-09-28 Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami Earthquake,Flood
2018-10-12 Flash flooding and landslides devastate Indonesia Flood,Landslide
2018-12-23 Tsunami caused by the Anak Krakatau volcano in Indonesia Flood,Volcanic Activity
2019-01-29 Indonesia flood, landslide Landslide
2019-03-18 flash floods in Indonesia Papua province
2021-02-04 Floods hit the East and Central Java Flood
2021-10-01 Indonesia West Sumatra landslide Flood,Landslide
2021-11-05 Flash floods hit Batu City in East Java Province, Indonesia Flood,Landslide
2021-12-14 M7.3 earthquake hits Flores Sea, Indonesia Earthquake
2022-03-16 Floods Affect 50,000 in Indonesia Flood
2022-08-25 Deadly Floods and Landslides in West Papua Flood,Landslide
2022-10-07 Floods in Jakarta, Indonesia Flood
2022-08-25 Floods and Landslides in West Papua Flood,Landslide
Disaster reports
Occurred Disaster reports Type of disaster
2014-08-11 2004 South-East Asia Tsunami Storm

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Mr Arto Suryodipuro
Director for Intra-Regional Cooperation, Asia Pacific and Africa
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mrs Dewi Justicia Meidiwaty
APEC Desk Indonesia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr Dody Ruswandi
Deputy for Disaster Management
National Agency for Disaster Management of Indonesia (BNPB)
Ms Diaz Hapsari
National Agency for Disaster Management of Indonesia (BNPB)
Ms Ririn Edogawa
National Agency for Disaster Management of Indonesia (BNPB)