Powerful Snow Struck Asia and America

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The United States
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Powerful Snow Struck Asia and North America

Several regions around the Pacific Ocean have experienced the disturbance caused by blizzard ever since February, 2011. From Texas to Maine, about half of the US territory has been covered in white, and at least 12 casualties have been caused. This blizzard has been confirmed to be a critical hazard by the National Weather Services (NWS).

Several Asian countries have also witnessed the unusual phenomenon. The government of Japan has announced a nationwide warning given the fact that the blizzard-struck areas have been increased, and unprecedented accumulation of snow has been found in the Nara prefecture. He-Huan Mt. in the Southern part of Chinese Taipei has fell
into the same situation: accumulated snow of 50 centimeters, the most in the last 7 years, has drawn a rescuing troop at call in case of any emergency. Along the east coast of South Korea, the highway has been blocked by the accumulated snow, and troops have been sent out to rescue homeless victims.