Powerful Typhoon Koppu Struck the Philippines

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The Philippines
At least 2 people died and 60,000 had to leave their homes when slow moving Typhoon Koppu swept through the northern Philippines. Heavy rain and floods are affecting dozens of villages. Troops have been deployed to help residents trapped on rooftops, but are struggling to access more remote areas.

Unlike previous tropical cyclones, the threat from typhoon Koppu is not so much from the wind but from the massive amount of rain. More than a metre of rainfall is forecast in just a few days in Luzon province. In the south of Luzon, it has brought severe flooding with whole villages under water. But perhaps more dangerous are massive landslides.

Military, local government and volunteer rescue units were trying to help residents in about 70 villages that were under water, with the floods spreading, according to Nigel Lontoc, a regional rescue official.

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