Rapidly melting snow cause flooding in Quebec

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Rapidly melting snow caused bodies of water to swell throughout Quebec, Canada, flooding nearly 3,000 homes in the province, officials said Monday.

The flooding also forced the evacuation of about 1,300 people, according to figures from Urgence Quebec, the government's informational branch for emergency communications.
Some 1,700 homes also were cut off by rising waters, according to Urgence Quebec. Flooding alerts remain in place in many regions, officials said.

Quebec Premier François Legault told reporters he was pleased with preventive measures put in place by the municipality and authorities, including the Canadian Armed Forces. He said those who face likely flooding have either already received sandbags to protect their home or will receive them, according to CTV.

The first flood warnings from Urgence Quebec came on Wednesday.
Residents and soldiers filled sandbags on Monday, bracing for the worst, CNN affiliate CTV reported. More than 600 soldiers were on hand to assist residents, the station said.

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