Typhoon Megi hit Chinese Taipei

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Chinese Taipei
Taiwan has been hit by a third typhoon in two weeks, a powerful storm that killed at least four people and injured hundreds of others.
This time the eye of the typhoon passed directly over the middle of the island, from east to west, starting its journey at Hualien City.
Electricity was cut for millions of residents as blown-down trees severed power lines. An estimated 72,000 households were left without running water.
Taiwan has evacuated thousands of tourists from outlying islands and set up nearly 100 shelters across the island as the country braces for its third typhoon in two weeks.
The east coast is still reeling from damage caused by Super Typhoon Meranti earlier this month — the strongest storm for 21 years to hit Taiwan — followed by Typhoon Malakas.
More than 35,000 soldiers are on standby to help with disaster relief and 92 shelters are open for residents.

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