Strong Typhoon Bopha Threatened the Southern Philippines

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The Philippines

Typhoon Bopha, striking with heavy rainfall and gusts of 210 km/hr, made landfall in
the economy’s Mindanao Island early on Tuesday. The powerful storm has caused
widespread power cuts and disruption in transportation. Furthermore, flooding
triggered by the storm threatens areas at risk of landslides, and More than 40
thousand residents were moved to shelter to avoid the danger. Bopha was moving
west and expected to pass southern and central provinces as it headed towards the
South China Sea.
A year ago, Mindanao Island was struck by severe tropical storm Washi, which
triggered fatal flooding causing at least 1,200 lives. Bopha is said probably the
strongest to hit the economy this year, but “we can minimize the damage and loss of
lives if we help each other,” according to President Aquino.